Hey y’all!   I’m Jacquelyn Koch owner of The Fancy Front Door. I absolutely LOVE all things FANCY ~ hence the name. I also have kids. Like, A LOT of kids. Mr Fancy (David)and I have three under 4 and I have a 10 year old step-daughter.(Kimberly-10, Claire 4, John William “Guy”-3, Kate -6 months)

  The inside of my house is a zoo, absolutely crazy loud and full of love and fun -CHAOS! So I have learned that if I’m going to have anything nice it can’t come in the house. So I bottle up all of that ‘fancy’ and deck my door with so much glam, glitter, sequin, floral, embroidered, checkered, polka dotted, rhinestone, yummy, delicious decor and not one.single.toddler. can touch it! (In my head I’m doing a mic drop in front of my kids …who are either rolling their eyes or planning to pick up the mic and eat it) 

My hope, for me, is that my neighbors have ‘Door Envy’ and my guests are always SOOOO wowed by my entryway …. You know, so they won’t notice the couch is missing parts …because…GUY or remnants of The Sharpie Incident of 2019…. Because… GUY! 

My hope is that the DIY Diva in you is inspired to make your own Fancy Front Door. Because you KNOW I’m going to bring you all kinds of tips, tricks, hacks and video tutorials to show you how to get the goods for your own entryway that WOWs! 

My hope for the Bespoke Bettys out there is that you’ll find one of a kind, handmade decor for all seasons, themes and occasions and bring some FANCY right to your vey own door!